Will 2021 Be Better Than 2020?

The cliche “life is what you make it” doesn’t really stick anymore, does it? When asking if 2021 will be better than 2020 the first answer that pops to mind is “only if you make it better.” But 2020 just proved that you can work your whole life to build a sturdy business and then at no fault of your own it all comes crashing down. The only thing you can do is squirm and suck the government’s breast as you hope things will turn back to normal in the new year. I hope things do turn back to normal, and better then before. We deserve it.

I guess the best way to say it is that although the world may prevent you from doing certain things to better your life in these strange times it’s also true that working to make it better is better than doing nothing at all. We can still blame ourselves for refusing to get back up after a hit, even if we didn’t deserve the hit in the first place.

Everyone copes differently but we all live in the same year on the same planet and I believe 2021 will be way better than 2020 for anyone who can find a way to make it happen. Maybe things won’t go back to normal. Refusing not to adapt in how you make a living in society is not COVID-19’s fault. You can make this year great if you find something you can do for joy and satisfaction even during a pandemic lock-down.

For me getting back to blogging more often will be one mechanism to make this year better than last year. So join me and check back soon for more content. Best wishes to you all.

Removing Dead Trees from the Back Yard

Apologies for not posting as frequently as I’d like to. It’s been a stressful year for me, and nothing sums up the stress more than the metaphorical deadwood in my back yard. After getting all my dead trees removed, it feels like I also removed the stress from my mind. Let me expound further.

As an appliance repair technician I don’t have much tree service experience. I should have been smart enough to realize this before I tried to remove the trees myself. After several days of toiling in the yard trying to pull up stumps out of the soil with a shovel and axe, I caved in and ordered professional tree removal Victoria BC service. The professionals did a great job, and now my back yard looks amazing. Like I said, it’s a great metaphor for how I feel inside now–amazing.

I’m excited for the year 2021 to roll around because the latter half of 2020 has been a chore at best. Well, at least I got this one chore out of the way. The first half of 2020 was good to me though. The road trip we did was really fun. I hope to do it again next year with more people so stay tuned for that.

I hope your year was better than mine, and you managed to get your back yard chores settled too. For me, removing the dead trees from my back yard was one more than just something that had to be done. It was a good distraction from everything that’s going on in the world. Now that my conscience is clear I can resort to enjoying the December holidays like I’m supposed to. And I hope you do too!

On Speaking Softly

I had a funny message the other day from someone who read my blog. They told me “why do you scream so much?” And I said “how do you know I’m screaming?

It’s true! Just because I like to rant on my blog doesn’t mean I’m angry or speaking loudly. If you read my writing and think I’m yelling then that’s just your interpretation. When I write, I like to think of myself as speaking softly. Who says you can’t rant and speak softly at the same time?

I just wanted to get this off my chest for my readers’ sake. Trust me. I’m not yelling when I rant. I’m just trying to get my messages across. I hope that makes sense.

See you back soon!

hamilton to kamloops

Invite for Road Trip from Hamilton ON to Kamloops BC in an Appliance Repair Van (Join if you can!)

This invite goes to everyone who is ready to go an a road trip on March 7th, 2020, from Hamilton, Ontario to Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. The reason why we send out this invite publicly is because we only have one vehicle and eight people. The vehicle is mine and is an appliance repair van that can only fit four people legally so we need someone who’s willing to come and also has a vehicle. But if we get more than one extra vehicle that also means we can create a caravan and invite more people who don’t drive. So if you’d love to join our Canadian road trip, please send me an email.

If you’re not sure you’re the right personality to join our crew, we should let you know that we don’t plan to drive overnight… at all. We plan to visit different pubs every night along the way and make the whole road trip from Hamilton to Kamloops a party! So if that’s okay with you then there’s a good chance you’re a good fit for us. If you don’t have a vehicle though we only ask that you pay for your own hotel rooms (or see how things go) and definitely pitch in some gas money. If you’re supplying a vehicle then expect to not pay much for gas because there’ll be people pitching in.

So those are the details. Remember to get in contact before the morning of March 7th, 2020 if you want to come!


Hamilton Ontario Appliance Repair Technician Talks About Self Confidence

This is a guest post by Angela M. To submit your own guest post to feature on our blog, contact the admin.

Hello. My name is Angela. I’m from Hamilton ON, CA, where I repair appliances for a living, and I thought this would be a great place to share my story and to rant about why self-confidence is the most important thing to have.

Many things are important to have like physical fitness and family, but these kinds of things all rely on the ultimate factor: self confidence. Why so? Because how are you going to get physically fit if you don’t have the confidence to go to the gym when you look like you really need to go to the gym, badly? And how are you going to meet a woman or man and marry them when you don’t have the confidence to go on a date and meet strangers?

I know a lot about this topic because I’ve been in both of those situations and had to learn the hard way how to get the self confidence I needed in order to lose weight and find a husband who respects me. Before, back when I did nothing but repair fridges and eat nachos in front of the television, I didn’t even have the confidence to go out and buy milk in the morning, even when the store was one block away, because I was worried what people would think of me as I walked down the road. I tried everything to grow my courage. But when I bought new clothes, my worries grew worse because I thought people would think that I cared what people think of me, which is crazy. Other times I would drink to gain courage only to fall apart in the mirror and think of how pathetic I was for abusing alcohol, which is nothing but creating a new problem to solve an old one…

So how did I grow my self confidence? Here’s where I’ll explain…

As a Hamilton girl, I was expected to be tough and courageous. But I wasn’t. Expecting of me what others expected never helped, so I went about doing all I know how to do, the appliance repair Hamilton relies on me to do, and I got really, really good at it. Once I was the best at appliance repair I could be, my confidence started to slowly grow the more I thought about how good I was at my line of work. I started to get compliments from everyone I knew. I heard stuff like “wow I’ve never seen someone repair a fridge so quickly before” and stuff like “holy cow you’re really talented at repairing appliances.”

I started to love myself for what I could do with my talents and that’s when my confidence really took off.

Every time I judged myself from then on, I reminded myself how great of an appliance repair technician I am, perhaps the best in Hamilton, and my worries would go away. I still use this technique to this day whenever my husband and I go out for dinner. It’s fair to say he’s way beyond my level when it comes to sexiness and attraction so I often wonder what people think of us when we kiss in public, but now that I have self confidence that wonder turns into excitement as I get to show off my loving husband for the world to see!

This had been my story and my lesson. If you struggle from the same things that I did, then try my strategy. It works!


A Funny Story about Fridge Repair

This is a true story that happened in 1998, as told to me by a retired appliance technician. All names and locations have been changed.

Appliance repair as a service has been common ever since appliances were first used in the home over 100 years ago. But appliance repair being funny has never been common, and this story won’t change that. It’s rare, and that’s that.

It all started when Julian woke up on a sunny morning in February, 1998 in Baltimore. When he went to work that day he had no idea that this would be the day he laughed the hardest in his life, and he would never laugh as hard again.

He arrived at a quaint little home with all his appliance repair tools ready to fix a refrigerator. Inside, the owner told him that something was wrong with the fridge. When he asked what was wrong, the owner just said he can’t open it without explaining why. All he said was simply, “I can’t open it.”

So the first thing Julian tried was to open the fridge, only to find that surprisingly it opened with ease. But then, like a flash of lightning out of nowhere, he realized what the owner had meant by “can’t.” It wasn’t that the fridge couldn’t be opened, it was just that it shouldn’t have been opened because inside was a giant snaked and it hisssssssed at Julian’s face, lunging out posthaste with fangs on the ready to pierce!

Julian jumped back, afraid, until a little girl came into the kitchen and said, “So that’s where my snake went!”

That’s when Julian fell on his knees and started laughing the hardest he had ever laughed in his life. The snake cuddled up with the girl and the owner paid Julian for his troubles, apologizing about not knowing what to do. Julian accepted the apology and told the owner to just call animal control services next time that happened. But hopefully that never happened again…

I hope you enjoyed this story about fridge repair. Check out more related content.

roofing baltimore

Why I Switched from Roofing to Appliance Repair as a Career, and Moved from Baltimore to Canada

Distributing roofing materials and building products used to be my thing. But in case you’re one of those old time visitors who remembers Morris Ginsberg as a roofing company in Baltimore, I felt the need to explain why this website is now a blog dedicated to rants from an appliance technicians. The great decision came just in the past few years, but I had always been interested in making the switch to appliance repair as a career. Roofing and supplying roofing materials had been a dream of mine at one point, but now I’m satisfied with blogging here, ranting about whatever comes to mind after a long day of fixing home refrigerators and ovens.

Here’s why: Frankly, I got tired of working outdoors. At my age, bending over on my knees to fit a tool under a dishwasher is nothing compared to bending over on my knees on a slanted roof while the sun beats down on my head like a baseball bat. So that’s why my passion has shifted, but don’t get my words wrong. I’m still passionate about roofing but I’m much more happy with the way things are today, and I thank you for being here and accepting this transformation in my life. If you want to know even more about me, visit my about page. Thanks again!

kamloops bc canada

Kamloops is the Best City in Canada!

Today I want to rant about why Kamloops is the best city in Canada. I know this because that’s where I went over the holidays. I visited a good friend there who also happens to work with appliances. We did a lot of chatting and watched some classic Christmas movies. Now though let me explain why Kamloops deserves to be called the best city in Canada!

First of all, the nature there in British Columbia is fantastic, and Kamloops is, while being a large enough city to give you that city vibe, is surrounded in mountains and beauty. When the mist rolls in over the mountains with the Christmas lights in the night, you really get a sense of awe and wonder.

Secondly, the people there are super nice. I’ve been to many Canadian cities and while Kamloops may not be the nicest city in Canada it’s still the best because every city needs a few pricks to get the job done, and Kamloops is still one of the nicer ones. Everyone I met was cordial and I didn’t have a single rude experience while I was there.

Thirdly, it’s a slowly growing place and a great city to start a new business. My friend there does some of the best appliance repair Kamloops can boast about and he works for a legit company that started from the ground up quite recently in 2019. They’ve been doing great. But even though business is good there it doesn’t mean people don’t work hard, and that brings me to my fourth point.

People in Kamloops work hard. I mean harder than most Canadian cities, which is very noticeable. Of course, not everyone there is a hard worker but even on Christmas (click here to read my rant on Christmas) I saw people hard at work with smiles on their face. A lot of stores were open compared to other cities with larger populations like Vancouver and Toronto because people want to take advantage of the good business. At least that’s what I think. Then again I’m not a local there so feel free to read a second source before you decide to move your franchise there. Just saying.

kamloops lake

Now before I get to my last point, let me recap my speech.

  1. Kamloops has nice people!
  2. Kamloops is surrounded in nature.
  3. Business in Kamloops is booming.
  4. The people in Kamloops work very hard, even over the Christmas holidays.

My fourth point is that Kamloops is very unique. Surrounded by mountains like it is with a decent population in the nature, there’s not many cities around the world like it and the ones that are similar are in Europe and Russia, not in Canada. I think this is the greatest point because the reason why Kamloops is the best is because it combines all of the above factors with the fact that it’s one of the most unique cities in Canada. That uniqueness says a lot when so many cities look the same. If you dropped yourself in a random spot in Toronto, you might think you’re in Vancouver. But if you dropped in a random spot in Kamloops you would know exactly where you are!

Thanks for reading and I hope I convinced you with my rant to visit this fabulous city! Cheers!

2020 rant

Accepting the Truth of Christmas

I won’t go as far to say that I’m atheist or that I believe in God but I will say that atheists should stop complaining about the true meaning of Christmas. This is 2020 after all, and if we’re going to give homosexuals a break then we might as well give everyone a break, and STOP COMPLAINING THAT CHRISTMAS HAS TO DO WITH JESUS! I love Jesus as a character for being a moral lesson, and there’s nothing wrong with Christians sporting their beliefs during this magical time of year. So if you’re atheist and have a rant to get off your chest then make a blog like I did to rant about it or just deal with it the responsible way and let people do what they want and focus on your own holidays.

After all that I just want to say Merry Christmas, no matter what that means to you!


Why Ranting is my Favorite Medium

Ranting is more than just a way to blow off steam and get deep thoughts off your chest. For me, it’s all about communication. Surely, most mediums can arguably be about communicating thoughts to strangers, like poetry or film for instance. But I love ranting because it allows me to be funny and angry at the same time. My second favorite medium is comedy, but it’s not always serious and I find rants just as funny most of the time. Even when someone is not trying to be funny when they’re ranting it’s often hilarious for listeners who disagree and get to see the ranter getting angry over something. With that said, I don’t expect everyone who reads my rants to take me seriously. I often try to be funny in my rants and disagree with myself sometimes just to add even more humor. Also, though, a lot of what I say I personally take seriously even if I’m being silly about it.

Wiktionary has a good write up on the definition of ranting and I can’t see much wrong with it. I would just add that it’s often funny but this is a subjective opinion. I strongly agree with how they say it’s “impassioned” though. Makes a lot of sense if you ask me.

So if you were wondering, that is essentially why I don’t feel embarrassed calling myself a ranter. If you haven’t tried blowing off steam this way before then I recommend trying it by making a free blog of your own. Try ranting about something and you might also see how fun it is! It truly is an art-form for the above-mentioned reasons.

Ranters unite!