Welcome to our about page. Your main author here is Rita Morrison, once known as Morris Ginsberg. Here on my blog you can expect to read mostly rants, rants and more rants. I’m not sure who my target audience might be but I enjoy ranting and I’m sure someone out there finds it as funny as I do. I try to be funny where I can, and enjoy ranting about my work as an electric appliance repair woman and electrician. I put lots of time into work, and even more time into complaining about work so I have a skill for ranting. Please don’t let that word–RANT!–persuade you to read elsewhere. My rants are special because there’s though put into the prose. It’s like poetry in a way, refined for people with high tastes in ranting.

If you could get a letter grade for ranting about appliance repair and electrical work then I’d be an A+ student.

As custom would have it, let me leave you with 5 extra points about this blog before you go:

  1. We’re not cowards here and we rant about how we really feel.
  2. Sometimes I might seem angry when I’m not and vise versa, so read the subtleties in the text.
  3. I will try my hardest not to bring up gender issues because even I am sick of those.
  4. If I say something and I’m wrong, please correct me and visit my contact page to send me a note.
  5. I love making people feel uncomfortable so if my posts make you cringe then I did something right.