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Kamloops is the Best City in Canada!

Today I want to rant about why Kamloops is the best city in Canada. I know this because that’s where I went over the holidays. I visited a good friend there who also happens to work with appliances. We did a lot of chatting and watched some classic Christmas movies. Now though let me explain why Kamloops deserves to be called the best city in Canada!

First of all, the nature there in British Columbia is fantastic, and Kamloops is, while being a large enough city to give you that city vibe, is surrounded in mountains and beauty. When the mist rolls in over the mountains with the Christmas lights in the night, you really get a sense of awe and wonder.

Secondly, the people there are super nice. I’ve been to many Canadian cities and while Kamloops may not be the nicest city in Canada it’s still the best because every city needs a few pricks to get the job done, and Kamloops is still one of the nicer ones. Everyone I met was cordial and I didn’t have a single rude experience while I was there.

Thirdly, it’s a slowly growing place and a great city to start a new business. My friend there does some of the best appliance repair Kamloops can boast about and he works for a legit company that started from the ground up quite recently in 2019. They’ve been doing great. But even though business is good there it doesn’t mean people don’t work hard, and that brings me to my fourth point.

People in Kamloops work hard. I mean harder than most Canadian cities, which is very noticeable. Of course, not everyone there is a hard worker but even on Christmas (click here to read my rant on Christmas) I saw people hard at work with smiles on their face. A lot of stores were open compared to other cities with larger populations like Vancouver and Toronto because people want to take advantage of the good business. At least that’s what I think. Then again I’m not a local there so feel free to read a second source before you decide to move your franchise there. Just saying.

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Now before I get to my last point, let me recap my speech.

  1. Kamloops has nice people!
  2. Kamloops is surrounded in nature.
  3. Business in Kamloops is booming.
  4. The people in Kamloops work very hard, even over the Christmas holidays.

My fourth point is that Kamloops is very unique. Surrounded by mountains like it is with a decent population in the nature, there’s not many cities around the world like it and the ones that are similar are in Europe and Russia, not in Canada. I think this is the greatest point because the reason why Kamloops is the best is because it combines all of the above factors with the fact that it’s one of the most unique cities in Canada. That uniqueness says a lot when so many cities look the same. If you dropped yourself in a random spot in Toronto, you might think you’re in Vancouver. But if you dropped in a random spot in Kamloops you would know exactly where you are!

Thanks for reading and I hope I convinced you with my rant to visit this fabulous city! Cheers!