fridge repair procrastination

Ranting About Procrastinating About Getting Your Broken Appliance Repaired!

I’ll try my hardest to make this brief but I’m already half a wine bottle deep so excuse me if it isn’t. I just get so frustrated thinking of why people will wait so long to get their fridge repaired and then when they get fat they blame it on their fridge not working so they had to keep eating out. To me it seems like these people just need an excuse to eat out every day. Not only is it stupidly expensive compared to eating in but it’s so unhealthy. I’ve seen this situation so many times, and every time the person says their fridge has been broken for over a month and they weigh 50 pounds more than they did a month ago!

Now rather than rant further why don’t I offer a solution? Okay, that’s what I’ll do. Here’s my solution! Instead of spending all that money on eating out, JUST CALL YOUR LOCAL APPLIANCE TECHNICIAN! It isn’t that hard. Every city has one. Trust me. If you’re reading this and you have a broken fridge then I’m sorry for being rude but just get it fixed. If I lived in your city I could do it within the hour and it wouldn’t cost as much as eating out for a week!

This has been my rant for the evening and I hope you enjoyed. Expect more soon! If you want to know why my rants are so salty, click here to read more about me and what I do here at