Hamilton Ontario Appliance Repair Technician Talks About Self Confidence

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Hello. My name is Angela. I’m from Hamilton ON, CA, where I repair appliances for a living, and I thought this would be a great place to share my story and to rant about why self-confidence is the most important thing to have.

Many things are important to have like physical fitness and family, but these kinds of things all rely on the ultimate factor: self confidence. Why so? Because how are you going to get physically fit if you don’t have the confidence to go to the gym when you look like you really need to go to the gym, badly? And how are you going to meet a woman or man and marry them when you don’t have the confidence to go on a date and meet strangers?

I know a lot about this topic because I’ve been in both of those situations and had to learn the hard way how to get the self confidence I needed in order to lose weight and find a husband who respects me. Before, back when I did nothing but repair fridges and eat nachos in front of the television, I didn’t even have the confidence to go out and buy milk in the morning, even when the store was one block away, because I was worried what people would think of me as I walked down the road. I tried everything to grow my courage. But when I bought new clothes, my worries grew worse because I thought people would think that I cared what people think of me, which is crazy. Other times I would drink to gain courage only to fall apart in the mirror and think of how pathetic I was for abusing alcohol, which is nothing but creating a new problem to solve an old one…

So how did I grow my self confidence? Here’s where I’ll explain…

As a Hamilton girl, I was expected to be tough and courageous. But I wasn’t. Expecting of me what others expected never helped, so I went about doing all I know how to do, the appliance repair Hamilton relies on me to do, and I got really, really good at it. Once I was the best at appliance repair I could be, my confidence started to slowly grow the more I thought about how good I was at my line of work. I started to get compliments from everyone I knew. I heard stuff like “wow I’ve never seen someone repair a fridge so quickly before” and stuff like “holy cow you’re really talented at repairing appliances.”

I started to love myself for what I could do with my talents and that’s when my confidence really took off.

Every time I judged myself from then on, I reminded myself how great of an appliance repair technician I am, perhaps the best in Hamilton, and my worries would go away. I still use this technique to this day whenever my husband and I go out for dinner. It’s fair to say he’s way beyond my level when it comes to sexiness and attraction so I often wonder what people think of us when we kiss in public, but now that I have self confidence that wonder turns into excitement as I get to show off my loving husband for the world to see!

This had been my story and my lesson. If you struggle from the same things that I did, then try my strategy. It works!