My Life Story in a Nutshell

Hello. My name before I had a sex organ transplant was Morris Ginsberg, but now you can call me Rita Morrison. I was male by birth but always felt like a woman in my body, hence the new name. But that is not what I will be focusing on in my blog posts. I want to tell you why I’m here today…

My life story is simple. I am an electrician working in everything from washer and dryer repair services to electrical contracting. I was born in Ontario, Canada where I visit often but I live in a motor home and travel a lot because I work for an international company that has me going back and forth between Canada and the United States of America all the time.

I got into being an electrician not because my father was one but because I used to dream of being a scientist and working with electronics. I wanted to be a great inventor like the guy who invented the light-bulb, but it didn’t take me long to realize I don’t have the brain power nor the patience to do that so I’m fine with where I am.

On my blog you can expect a lot of rants about my history related to working as an electrician and why I think such services as oven repair or ceiling fan installation are important for civilization.

Now before I let you go I want to share a list of 5 of the craziest things I’ve ever done, one of them you already know!

  1. I had a sex organ transplant and changed my name.
  2. I went surfing in the winter and almost got eaten by a shark.
  3. I once accidentally electrocuted myself and had to go to the hospital.
  4. I danced at an opera and got kicked out.
  5. My 15 minutes of fame was appearing on a children’s puppet show in Germany.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned on my blog for more posts in the future!