Why Ranting is my Favorite Medium

Ranting is more than just a way to blow off steam and get deep thoughts off your chest. For me, it’s all about communication. Surely, most mediums can arguably be about communicating thoughts to strangers, like poetry or film for instance. But I love ranting because it allows me to be funny and angry at the same time. My second favorite medium is comedy, but it’s not always serious and I find rants just as funny most of the time. Even when someone is not trying to be funny when they’re ranting it’s often hilarious for listeners who disagree and get to see the ranter getting angry over something. With that said, I don’t expect everyone who reads my rants to take me seriously. I often try to be funny in my rants and disagree with myself sometimes just to add even more humor. Also, though, a lot of what I say I personally take seriously even if I’m being silly about it.

Wiktionary has a good write up on the definition of ranting and I can’t see much wrong with it. I would just add that it’s often funny but this is a subjective opinion. I strongly agree with how they say it’s “impassioned” though. Makes a lot of sense if you ask me.

So if you were wondering, that is essentially why I don’t feel embarrassed calling myself a ranter. If you haven’t tried blowing off steam this way before then I recommend trying it by making a free blog of your own. Try ranting about something and you might also see how fun it is! It truly is an art-form for the above-mentioned reasons.

Ranters unite!