A Funny Story about Fridge Repair

This is a true story that happened in 1998, as told to me by a retired appliance technician. All names and locations have been changed.

Appliance repair as a service has been common ever since appliances were first used in the home over 100 years ago. But appliance repair being funny has never been common, and this story won’t change that. It’s rare, and that’s that.

It all started when Julian woke up on a sunny morning in February, 1998 in Baltimore. When he went to work that day he had no idea that this would be the day he laughed the hardest in his life, and he would never laugh as hard again.

He arrived at a quaint little home with all his appliance repair tools ready to fix a refrigerator. Inside, the owner told him that something was wrong with the fridge. When he asked what was wrong, the owner just said he can’t open it without explaining why. All he said was simply, “I can’t open it.”

So the first thing Julian tried was to open the fridge, only to find that surprisingly it opened with ease. But then, like a flash of lightning out of nowhere, he realized what the owner had meant by “can’t.” It wasn’t that the fridge couldn’t be opened, it was just that it shouldn’t have been opened because inside was a giant snaked and it hisssssssed at Julian’s face, lunging out posthaste with fangs on the ready to pierce!

Julian jumped back, afraid, until a little girl came into the kitchen and said, “So that’s where my snake went!”

That’s when Julian fell on his knees and started laughing the hardest he had ever laughed in his life. The snake cuddled up with the girl and the owner paid Julian for his troubles, apologizing about not knowing what to do. Julian accepted the apology and told the owner to just call animal control services next time that happened. But hopefully that never happened again…

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