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Why I Switched from Roofing to Appliance Repair as a Career, and Moved from Baltimore to Canada

Distributing roofing materials and building products used to be my thing. But in case you’re one of those old time visitors who remembers Morris Ginsberg as a roofing company in Baltimore, I felt the need to explain why this website is now a blog dedicated to rants from an appliance technicians. The great decision came just in the past few years, but I had always been interested in making the switch to appliance repair as a career. Roofing and supplying roofing materials had been a dream of mine at one point, but now I’m satisfied with blogging here, ranting about whatever comes to mind after a long day of fixing home refrigerators and ovens.

Here’s why: Frankly, I got tired of working outdoors. At my age, bending over on my knees to fit a tool under a dishwasher is nothing compared to bending over on my knees on a slanted roof while the sun beats down on my head like a baseball bat. So that’s why my passion has shifted, but don’t get my words wrong. I’m still passionate about roofing but I’m much more happy with the way things are today, and I thank you for being here and accepting this transformation in my life. If you want to know even more about me, visit my about page. Thanks again!